Full Circle

Yeah Yeah
If I could change the world like a fiery tale
I would drink the love from your Holy Grail
I would start with love tell ol´ Beelzebub
To get outta town
Cause you just lost your job
How did we get so affected (cause I think)
Love is love reflected

Don´t let it slip away
Raise yo´ drinkin´ glass
Here´s to yesterday
In Time
We´re all gonna trip away
Don´t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay
Come full circle

And if
There´s a spell on you that
I could take away
I would do the deed
Yeah and by the way
Here´s to Heaven know´s
As the circle goes
It ain´t right
I’m uptight
Yeah and get off my toes
I used to think that every little
thing I did was crazy
But now I think the Karma
cops are comin´ after you


Every time you get yourself caught up inside
Of someone else´s crazy dream
Own it, yeah that´s a mistake
Everybody´s gotta lotta nada killing them
Instead of killing time

(Chorus 2x)


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