Same Old Brand New You

* I can still remember the time
You were there when I needed to hold you, feel you
Everytime I ask you to find a new way
You lie a new way, is it gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

You said you’d change, but I’m afraid
It’s something I won’t live to see
It’s seems so strange that sometimes fate
Can appear to be so real and yet turn out to be a fantasy

** Same old line, one more time
Say you’re gonna be, there for me
Say you’ll change, change your ways
Never gonna keep your promises
Same old game (you know it doesn’t turn me on)
Brand new day (you’re singing that same old song)
No more lies (if you don’t wanna find me gone, gone, gone, gone, gone)

*** Another night, another day, what can I say (what can I say)
You’re still the same old brand new you
You break your promises in two, what can I do (what can I do)
When you’re the same old brand new you

Because of you, I guess we’re through
Is this the way it has to be
I’ve been a fool (I’ve been a fool)
A fool for you (a fool for you)
But I’ve got better things to do than let you walk all over me

[Repeat ** , ** , *]

[Repeat ** , ***]


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